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Anna Faris Hops To A Pair Of Comedies

Fari capitalization for its House Bunny struck, is working on two projects in romantic comedy. Bosnak, if recall is also remembered for begging for money years ago on its website Save Karen. The other Fari starrer, 20 Times A Lady, which acquired the Columbia, is based on a book Karyn Bosnak and centers on a young woman who takes a walk through her sexual past in an attempt to find Mr Right, where a conviction of his 20-sex partner is the man of her dreams. Executive producer, as well as for Paramount stars and Adam Sandlers Madison tag yet untitled comedy, Faris plays one of two estranged sisters, who team up to land a husband.
10.12.08 11:53

Courtney Love Jealous Of Britney Spears Quot Meltdown

It also claims that the drug did during her pregnancy and that was a great mother. Courtney Love coined the trainwreck. (AP Images) Courtney Love wants everyone to know that Britney Spears mental breakdown has been done before - and Courtney totally done before. Apparently, Courtney feels ripped off that Britney Spears has gained more attention for his bag of mixed nuts you. I set the stage for Britney to crash and burn. . Courtney told British Elle, I had a long, hard fall. We were good parents, and I would say that, despite a very semper board. I went through it all first. My daughter knows I did drugs in my first trimester of pregnancy. He weighed 7 pounds 6 oz when he was born and healthy.
10.12.08 11:53

Wwe Releases 2 Hulk Hogan Turns Down Vince Quot Offer

Both versions are WWE development of the system. World Wrestling Entertainment issued 2 more talent contracts in the past week as part of their cost reduction initiative, according to The second is Mike Jarvi, a 7 footer who worked in Florida Championship Wrestling as Giant Titan.. The first issue is Imani Lee, a former K-1 fighter who is a good friend of Batista s.
10.12.08 11:53

Dark Knight To Get Us Re Release

According to Christian Bale, at the end Heath Ledger and director Christopher Nolan should be in contention. Meanwhile, the British star of the film was his comment on the possibility of winning Academy Awards next year. The Dark Knight Batman film is to be re-issued in the United States in January of cinema, his chances UPPING its box-office business crossing the $ 1 billion mark. According to the website tracking Box Office Mojo, his current position in worldwide business to $ 996M (678m).
10.12.08 11:53

Hugh Hefner Hugh Hefners Twin Girlfriends Penchant With Duplicate Dressing

Hugh Hefners new twin girlfriends and Kristina Karissa Shannon have minded as they look to new heights semper-girls to turn public events wearing the same clothes. Window.google_render_ad (); Right from cocktail dresses to pajamas, the two successors of Holly Madison in Playboy moguls have made life dressing in duplicate, an artform, reports The New York Daily News..
10.12.08 11:53

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